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Posted December 2023

Foxo is a video game currently in development by Glowfish Games AB, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. What is Foxo?

The game began as a side-solo project in 2018 and later evolved into a full-fledged endeavor with the establishment of Glowfish Games AB in 2023.

Foxo is more than just a game; it's an online platform focused on coziness, community, and mini-games. In this cozy online world, everyone plays as a fox. Players craft their own unique Fox Avatar, explore a vibrant virtual world, and earn coins by participating in various mini-games. Personalize your fox or your own space in this uniquely enchanting world.

Led by Oscar Rickett, with over a decade of gaming industry experience, who has previously worked on game franchises such as The Sims and Jurassic World, Foxo aims to bring coziness to the world!

Release Date
Early Access 2025
PC, more TBC
Unreal Engine 5
System Requirements
Developer/ Publisher
Glowfish Games AB
Multiplayer / Online
Local Multiplayer
Not at this time
Coming Soon!

Let the adventure begin!

Foxo Screenshot 2
Foxo Screenshot 3
Foxo Logo
Foxo Screenshot 1
Glowfish Games Logo
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